2022-2023 Buddy Poppy Program 


Buddy Poppy orders are to be received at Department by December 31, 2022.

To meet the requirements of the All-State program a Post must order a minimum of 500 buddy poppies. 

District Chairmen:  Present your program at your first District meeting. Make sure each Post in your District has appointed a Post Buddy Poppy Chairman.  Challenge them to buy more than they did the previous year.  Remind them that all Buddy Poppy donations received are to be placed into the Post Relief Fund and used for that purpose only. Emphasize to all your Comrades that they are helping Veterans by purchasing the poppies and by seeking donations for them.  Buying and collection donations for poppies puts our motto of "NO ONE DOES MORE FOR VETERANS” into full practice.  Note:  National also allows the use of Scouts to collect Buddy Poppy donations for Posts. The fundraising dates for Buddy Poppies are May 4,5, and 6, 2023.

Districts and Councils who have 100% of their Posts purchasing at least the minimum 500 poppies will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Department of Michigan.

Citations will be awarded to the Post member in each of the four membership divisions who collects the largest amount of donations during the Buddy Poppy Fundraiser. The name of the fundraiser and the amount collected are to be verified in writing by both the Post Commander and Post Quartermaster and are to be received by the Department Buddy Poppy Director no later than May 19, 2023.

Membership Divisions:

I—10 to 65 members

II—66 to 125 members

III—126 to 225 members

IV—226 members and over


If have any questions concerning the Buddy Poppy program, or if you would like me to attend your Post or District meeting to discuss the program, you may reach me at the phone number or email address below.


Frank Mills, Director

10640 Otter Rd.

Carleton, MI 48117